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Introducing the first single of a boundary-pushing EP to come. Sample used is vocals off a song cover from Kayven. Production by Stevie Young. Songwriting by Stevie Young & Kayven.

Kayven: soundcloud.com/kayven
Stevie Young: soundcloud.com/officialstevieyoung


Verse 1: [Stevie]
I like when you sit on it backwards, so I ain't gotta see ya face

The only time we slow the pace is when we probably speak of race

Mamacita, wait... SIKE! I don't need to fake

Oh, you actin' sweet today, I'ma eat the cake

Tina Turner; what's love got to do with it?

You actin' like I'm just another stupid bitch

Imma fuck around and get you stupid rich

I can tell I got the juice with it, cause

You be drooling, put a noose on it, what's

Lust got to do with it, hate it, hate it

When you through with it

And you acting like I'm new to this

Hook: [Stevie/Kayven]

Pull up and pop it for me, little bitch

Hold onto that posture for me, little bitch

Your only other option is me, little bitch

What should I tone it down for

When I know you'll come around more

And now you're stuck in my (grip)

And now you're taking my (dick)

And now you're stuck in my (grip)

And now you're taking my

Taking this dick, (hey!)

Verse 2: [Kayven]
What you looking at me for

Baby close the door

You know what's in store

You know I lost the score, ha

I was lost before, but

Imma give you what you fiending for

I'm gonna give you what you been needing

I can tell you been sleeping, on me

I'm getting dizzy, loosen up that grip a lil bit

You gon make me fight and kick

I can tell you not used to this

But I am

And I can

Tell you that you the man

That I can't stand

Bridge: [Kayven]
Oh, don't get hurt you know that I'm just messing

Around with you baby, skip to the undressing

I know you're tired of me playing these games

But when I come through you know I'm making it rain

Oh, imma let you do your thing

But when I say I keep it moving, better grab that ring

So tell your niggas better wipe that grin

Because now I'm going right back in



released July 12, 2016
Stevie Young



all rights reserved


Kayven Tampa, Florida

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